“I just finished my final session of BioSculpt for the abs.  I am so pleased with my results. I have lost a total of four inches on my abdomen and love handles. My jeans fit so much better. I will continue maintenance a couple times a month to see if I can lose more.”  -Sharee B.

“I have used a variety of products to reduce the appearance of the scar left from open-heart surgery without much success, until I began to use HydroPeptide Moisturize. The result is almost unbelievable. I used this product on the portion of my scar that is exposed in clothing and the result is amazing. The scar looks like a slight shadow. No one notices it anymore. The skin in the chest area has a much younger appearance as well. What a wonderful product.”  -Deb G.

“The Radiant Facial is phenomenal! Not only do I feel ten years younger, I’ve enjoyed the perplexed expressions on people’s faces when they say “You look so great!” but they aren’t quite sure what’s different.”  -Tonya H.

“I love the Dermalogica skin care line. My favorite product is “Dynamic Skin Recovery.” I wear it under my makeup and it makes me glow! I also use the Jane Iredale Makeup and my favorite is the Liquid Minerals for day coverage. For extra coverage, I mix the BB cream with Liquid Minerals and set with the Jane Iredale Pommist. I recommend all the skin care products and services at Personal Wellness Spa.”  -Marilyn B.

“The results from the Radiant and BioSculpt facial have greatly improved the appearance of my complexion to a firmer and brighter skin. I use the daily Advanced Rejuvenating Concept product line for washing away dirt and makeup with no irritation. My skin appears healthy and even. After cleansing each morning, I use a broad spectrum sun protectant lotion of SPF 20+ before makeup. I never go outside without it on my face, neck and hands. It’s a daily regimen. Then I apply many of the Jane Iredale makeup products. I recommend using any of these wonderful cosmetics. Marleen Wehri and her employees give expert service in all body treatments and skin care products that are available at Personal Wellness Spa. I have been going to Personal Wellness for many years and have gotten beautiful results.”  -R. Mackey

“As I reached my sixties, the sagging skin and wrinkles around my mouth and on my neck began to bother me. After talking with Marleen, I decided to try the BioSculpt procedure. After the very first session, I was amazed at the difference. My face looked less puffy, there was a marked reduction in the depth of the wrinkles around my mouth, and I could see a jaw line again. I decided to go with the recommended series of six treatments and could not be happier with the result. If you are considering BioSculpt, take a look at the before and after pictures. The change is remarkable. Thank you Personal Wellness.”  -Debbie G.

“I have been using the Jane Iredale makeup line for about three months. I have oily skin and have seen a huge improvement in my complexion. The oil control primer, Absence, is my favorite product. It does a good job controlling the oil without clogging my pores. My face looks fresh and my makeup stays on all day long!”  -Steph M.

“My daughter booked me a facial at Personal Wellness. It was the nicest gift she could have given me. Since then I have continued because the results have been phenomenal. I have a more even skin tone and the fine lines have been reduced significantly. Marleen’s knowledge of current techniques and practices is very impressive. The Jane Iredale line of skin care and makeup have become part of my daily regimen. No more department store brands for me. With the liquid Minerals you have light coverage that truly makes your skin look more radiant and more youthful. Marleen and her staff are excellent at making you feel comfortable during your visit. The atmosphere is very inviting and relaxing. Personal Wellness is one of the Lima areas best kept secrets.”  -Carmen