NEW! BioSculpt Body

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BioSculpt Body – $100
Six BioSculpt Body – $475 (single area-choose abdomen, thigh or arm)

Benefits of this non-invasive, holistic approach include:

»  Gluteal and thigh sculpting and toning (inner/outer legs and knees)
»  Abdominal contouring and tightening
»  Firming and tightening of arms and back

BioSculpt is a new, advanced technology, designed to help tone skin and refine body contours by stimulating collagen. BioSculpt moves stagnant tissue fluid and helps eliminate toxins from body cells. Cellulite is reduced and excess fat around the hips and abdomen is released. BioSculpt can be performed as a single treatment but results are accomplished in a series of treatments.

BioSculpt uses light, pulsing movements to work on the extra cellular matrix which is the filter system around blood vessels, nerves and cells in the body. Over time, cellular debris and toxins accumulate and create dimpling or cellulite. Skin may sag and look dull. Improved tone and inch loss on the body are immediate with completion of the first treatment and continue with a series of treatments. Monthly maintenance is then suggested.

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