Massage Therapy



Personal Wellness Spa is a noted destination for massage therapy; including couples massage, stone massage, deep muscle release, pregnancy massage, and reflexology.

Personal Wellness Signature Massage

Designed to relieve tension and soothe nerves through total body relaxation. This massage improves circulation and reduces stress using the Swedish pressure point technique.

30 minute – $38  |  60 minute – $55  |  90 minute – $75

Traditional Stone Massage Therapy – $75

The deep, penetrating heat, of volcanic basalt stones are combined with a traditional massage to release muscular tension for ultimate relaxation in this 90 minute treatment.

Deep Muscle Release Stone Massage

Specially designed stones are warmed and used to facilitate myofacial release and also to release trigger points. The perfect combination of heat and pressure penetrates and relaxes contracted, sore muscles.

60 Minutes – $65  |  90 Minutes – $95

Pregnancy Massage – $55

Designed to give relief to the specific needs of the mother-to-be.

Deep Tissue Massage

Customized for your specific needs, this technique loosens and lengthens the deeper layer of muscles. This therapy is especially great for reviving the athletic body or the weekend warrior.

30 Minutes – $45  |  60 Minutes – $65  |  90 Minutes – $90

The Sinus Solution – $55

Relax with this Shiatsu facial and steam treatment. Attention is given to pressure points and breathing, promoting sinus drainage and relief.

Foot Reflexology – $55

First, soak tired feet in a warm bubbling foot bath. Pressure points in the feet are then massaged during a relaxing therapy that invigorates the whole body for 60 minutes.


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